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Here is what i think life will be without the internet

  • We would not be able to get whatever song we wanted to listen to whenever we wanted
  • Pamela Anderson would not be who is she today
  • Firefox would be another fancy name
  • Counterstrike would have been a word used only in the army
  • Ajax would have never been invented
  • Wikipedia would be name of some animal
  • Youtube would be a nick name for the tv
  • It would have taken 3 days to send a document from India to Alaska
  • People would be more healthy
  • The 13 year old boy next door would have never watched porn
  • You would not have met millions of people
  • Microsoft would have no major competition
  • Ghyslain Raza would have never been the star kids
  • And most importantly, you would not be reading this
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