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Bajaj Elite Car Launched

2008 Auto Expo will see a new concept car from Bajaj Auto. Production is a possibility, says Bajaj.

Talk of a Bajaj car has been around for a while. Now, the company has come out with a plan to showcase a concept car for the January 2008 Auto Expo. Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj has said that the company aims at bringing in a concept passenger vehicle by January 2008. And if the customers like it, Bajaj will opt for commercial production in three years. Better still, the first car from India’s trusted two wheeler maker will be priced between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh.

The company has brushed off descriptions of the vehicle as a ‘cheap car’, saying that the new offering would be a four-wheel passenger vehicle. That has got everyone a little confused though. Okay, it is a concept vehicle, might go into production, and it will not be a cheap ? So it is a not-cheap, small but not too small car, possibly a hatch or even a competitor for the Indigo or Logan – so what’s the big deal in coming out and saying it clearly? Probably, its just the reporters who got it all wrong – or maybe they all read a confusing press release.

Meanwhile, the company has also said that it was working on the commercial launch of a four-wheel goods carrier by 2009. The engine, transmission and platform that the company will build would be the basis for its passenger car. According to Bajaj, the reason why the company was opting for a goods carrier is that there is no competition on that front. Bajaj is learnt to be setting aside an amount of Rs 750 crore for a four-wheeler production plant, which will have an annual production figures of 40,000 to 50,000 vehicles.

The company will not be alone in the small car mart, as many a automaker has lined up many a model in the the 1.2 million passenger car market. According to statistics, small cars account for 60 per cent of domestic sales. While Tata Motors is set to unveil its model at the next Auto Expo, the Renault-Nissan combo is mulling over a sub-$3,000 passenger car. Adding themselves to the list are Honda, Toyota and General Motors who are busy readying their Rs 5 lakh cars.

Does the four wheel vehicles foray mean that Bajaj is moving away from its bread and butter two-wheelers? Not really. The company brass has made it clear that Bajaj knows that the two-wheeler market will continue to grow for 20-25 years and so there was no question of shifting focus from two-wheelers.

Tata Nano Deluxe version On Road ,Launch

The Tata Nano Deluxe version would have body colored bumpers, air conditioning but still no power steering. Undoubtedly, the Deluxe version looks much better than the standard version of the Nano. Take a look. This version would definitely cost a bit more than Rs 1 lakh (US $ 2500). After transportation and levies, plus the slightly better trim levels, we expect the Deluxe Nano to cost close to Rs 1.4 lakh on the road.

Hyundai i10 Features and Price

Get on Hyundai i10, the latest offering from Hyundai motors, very innovative in design and very intelligent in drive. The all new i 10 boasts sporty and aerodynamic looks and luxurious interiors. The flaunting body outline, wide angle washer wiper, sunroof with slide and tilt option, easy gear shift, refined air conditioning ducts, cockpit style sitting, deep glove box, power windows, height adjustable rear head rests all these attributes make the i 10 truly best in its class. At the heart of the the stylish and eye catching i10 there is a powerful 1.1 litre iRDE(intelligent Responsive Drive Engine) petrol engine with five speed manual transmission that generates superb output of 67 PS @ 5500 rpm. Hyundai i10 is a new small car that would be manufactured in Chennai, India and available for sale in both domestic and international market. Hyundai i10 comes in four variants as D-Lite, Era, Magna and Magna O and it is priced between 3.50-5.00 lacs.

Striking features of Hyundai i10

  • The new-age 1.1 L iRDE engine with electric control unit
  • Centre console mounted gear shift
  • Dual air bags with seat belt pre tensioners
  • Effective ABS (Anti Lock Braking System)
  • Multi reflector fog lamp and clear rear lamps for better visibility
  • I10 comes equipped with warning lamps at the console. Gate ajar warning lamp, low fuel warning lamp, seat belt warning lamp, ABS warning lamp and air bag warning lamp.
  • Deep glove box and cup holders
  • Power windows and power steering
  • Roof mounted grab handle

Price & Competition for Hyundai i 10

With its engineering expertise Hyundai i10 has provided a tough competition to the cars like such as Chevrolet spark, Maruti Suzuki zen estilo, Maruti Suzuki wagonR and Tata Indica xeta.
Hyundai i 10 has been priced between 3.50-5.00 lacs.
(Please Note: The price range is ex-showroom and based on the close approximation. Please check the latest prices and variant specifications with your dealer)

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