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Hyundai i10 DrivenGot a chance to TD the i10 Magna longer. Here are my observations.


Gone are the tallboy proportions, well atleast somewhat. The i10 looks
smarter, lower and wider than the santro. The side profile would still
remind you of the santro. But overall, the design is much better
proportioned and pleasant to look at unlike the quirky design of the
santro that first came out.


Sit in the i10 and the interiors feel bigger than they are mostly due
to lighter colours being used. The beige interiors look and feel good.
They are built well and there is also space for a double-din stereo.
The vertically positioned vents have a somewhat limited movement, but
the AC chills and is one of the better units on the market. The
quality of materials used is good and feel better than the
competition. The front seats are comfortable but lack a little in
underthigh support, could be an issue over longer drives. They also
don’t come with adjustable headrests which I feel is something that
should not have been left out. They don’t come with height adjustment
either. The steering however, has adjustment for rake (tilt). The
instrument cluster is nicely laid out and the outline of the pod is
similar to that of the santro.

The boot space has seen a slight improvement over the santro. But the
only way to open the boot is from the outside. It opens by lifting the
Hyundai logo, just like in the Passat. Hyundai has skipped the
internal boot release. Bad hyundai.

The sunroof is a nice feature, it is supplied by webasto, but the
finish could have been better. Although not of much use in our
weather, but its still something nice to have and even better when
most cars from even higher segments don’t offer it.

Engine & Gearbox:

The 1.1 litre unit puts out 66bhp which is slightly more than the one
on the santro. The refinement levels are impressive. Just like the
Santro, the i10 pulls cleanly from lower rpms. The initial push really
helps in traffic. but don’t expect it to be a rocket. Its good enough
to keep up with traffic.

The central mounted gearbox falls easily to hand. The shift quality is
good but has longer throws than that of the Santro. I liked the short
throws of the santro better. Also the gearknob could have been
finished better.

Ride & Handling:

The ride is not as stiff as the santro and the top heaviness is also
mostly taken care of. The i10 now features an electronic power
steering. It feels nice and light at city speeds. Haven’t been on the
highway so can’t comment on highway stability.

The variant I drove came with 14 inch wheels and the ride does feel
slightly harsh especially at low speeds.

Overall, it is a worthy successor to the santro. The sparks, Wagon R’s
and Estilos better watch out. The i10 looks like a winner.

Engine refinement.
Quality interiors

Poor horn.
Non adjustable headrests.
No internal boot release.


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