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The most beautiful beaches in the world

page under never-ending construction…

Here’s a small summary of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Of course, I’ve put in it only the ones which I personally saw and that I can suggest you to visit.Click on the photo to enlarge it, while if you need further information or you just would like to view some more pics of the same destination you simply have to click on its title.

Let’s start with Polynesia. Thanks to the huge size and the geographic variety of this territory we can find many wonderful beaches there.

All the lee islands ( like Moorea, Bora-Bora, Huahine, Tetiaroa the birds’ island -property of Marlon Brando- where you can make day trip to Papeete, Maupiti, … ) have great beaches. White sand (because of the corals), emerald green waters with some coral reefs which give a wonderful effect of contrast, coconut palms, …

Bora-Bora and its very famous lagoon

Huahine (southern point of the island)

Then the archipelago of Tuamotus, still in Polynesia

Aratika (more precisely one of the small islands inside the atoll)

Vue du lagon
Kauehi (interior edge of the atoll)

and last but not least, another Polynesia’s pearl : Gambier Islands (even if it’s not the best place to have a sunbath -the spot is not really suitable for tourists-, however there’re some really good beaches)

Passe entre 2 îles - Mangareva - Iles des Gambiers

Cuba and in particular the beaches of Varadero

Here’a a 15 km beach, with white and fine sand. There are not so many fishes next to its shore, unlike Polynesia. The sea bottom is completely flat and without stones..

Plage de l'hotel Brisas Del Caribe
Beach of Varadero

Vue de la mer en face de l'hotel Brisas Del Caribe
still Varadero, here’s the beach in front of the hotel Brisas Del Caribe

Crete Island

Plage de sable rose d'elafonissi
Peninsula of Elafonissi (South-Western point of the island)

Baie de Balos et son 'lagon' sublime
Balos Bay and its amazing lagoon

Marathi Beach

Baie de Matala
Matala Beach


Koh Rok Island – In this island protected by the rangers you can find two bautiful beaches: a small one and a really bigger one just in front. It’s a little piece of heaven! The sea bottoms are full of corals and so it’s really easy to see lots of fishes.

Ao Nang – next to Krabi : a wonderful beach that is often “assaulted” by “part-time” tourists: infact they arrive by boat and they usually don’t stay more than few hours. There should be another beach not far from the first one, but i didn’ see it.

loh Dalam Bay in Koh Phi Phi Don Island – a lovely touristic beach

Northern Bay of Koh Racha – a very peaceful place with white sand, palm trees, some quiet bars recreating the atmosphere of the late 60’s

Dominican Republic (sorry for the bad quality of the images, which hides the natural beauty of the place)

Rep. Dominicaine
Saona Island

Rep. Dominicaine
still Saona Island – all sides are beautiful


Beach of the archaeological site of Tulum – Take the perfect white of the sand, add the turquoise blue of the sea, and mix it with the amazing spectacle of the Maya site…’ll have a cocktail absolutely unique!

And now it’s your turn! If you have a wonderful souvenir of a beach, don’t forget to share it with us…


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